Powerful Question


There is a question that was asked to me recently…. and this question had me thinking.

I had to say it aloud a few times to let it really register and I advise you to do the same. The outcome is powerful.

Ready? Ready to get thinking?

“What am I doing right now that is messing up my life?”

say it again.

It makes you take some ownership to life and it also makes you realise that there are things that YOU are doing that are causing some chaos. Things that YOU can change.

So what came to your mind with that question?

Did you look at all areas of your life?

Was there one thing that came to mind immediately?

What are you doing with your health that isnt working or that is causing some drama?

What about your relationship? or love life situation? What are you doing in that area that is messing up your life?

What about work? Your career? Your studies?

Relationships with family? Friends?

Its easy to blame people or situations. But lets get REAL with ourselves and cut out all the victim mentality.

What are YOU doing that is causing pain in an area that doesn’t need to be so hard?

What are YOU standing by and allowing and convincing yourself that its out of your control?

What are YOU doing right now that could be hurting others?

Taking back your power and releasing yourself from the victim role is very liberating. Its empowering and only in that frame of mind – can progress be made.

A new year is about to come and if you stop and make a list of what you are messing up in your life right now, it could be a good road map for areas that you can make some changes in.

Lets walk into 2019 with our heads held high.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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